Inspired by a desire to address the pervasiveness of bullying (especially now in the always-on digital age), 

I work to prevent it by encouraging the development of integrity, compassion and unity as core values in the foundation of one's character

* Integrity - being whole and honorable as a person, being honest and doing the right thing even when nobody else is looking.


* Compassion - being as kind and considerate to others as ourselves, as brothers and sisters in our common humanity.


* Unity - being inclusive of all humans first and foremost, undivided by fears or artificial labels or the prejudices they can evoke.



Start with our young people, so that they can carry these qualities forward to future generations, while in the meantime also serving 

as models for the rest of us.


My programs are dedicated to youth empowerment:


  • Bullying Prevention & Awareness

  • Mental Health Advocacy

  •  Volunteer Opportunities for Youth 

  • Community Outreach (for socio-economically disadvantaged families & youth).

This is an excellent organization that has helped me and my daughter in times of need without judgement and when we needed someone to care. I am amazed, eternally grateful for your support, assistance and most of all encouragement that means so much to me even from across the country you guys have touched my life and empowered so many to do for others with love... Thank you

JanelleCancel - Florida


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