Elise Carey - Advocate/Founder/President

I am from a disadvantaged family myself and have encountered many hardships beginning at a young age. Including bullying, identity issues, teenage parenthood, mental health struggles, juvenile delinquency, financial insecurity, home instability, domestic violence and incarceration. 


Now with four adult children - who have overcome and achieved self-sufficiency - and four grandchildren (5th on the way). After many years of cognitive behavioral therapy, I utilize my unique experience based perspective and a deep understanding of the paradox of challenges faced by youth and their families by holistically addressing the socio-economic undercurrents that lead to the many disparities and inequities that have been highlighted further since Covid-19. 


My goal is to create generational, long lasting positive impacts to reduce discrimination, inequities and economic hardship. Reduce juvenile delinquency, recidivism, identity issues, self harm, suicide attempts, mental health stigma all while promoting integrity, compassion and unity and addressing the economic inequities that greatly exacerbate sociological and societal challenges.